Interesting Pediatric Health Links 6/11/18

The Following are Dr. Smo’s links to interesting articles about children and child health for the week of 6/11/18


Article #1– Is your parenting style “Authoritarian” or something else. Learn how psychologists classify parenting styles and which type of parenting style tends to yield the best outcomes in their children. Don’t miss this very interesting article by Kendra Cherry. @KendraCherry


Article #2– Denise Witmer gives parents 6 tips on how to raise successful strong teens. See what she suggests. @ParentingWithD

Article #3– You need to know about the health controversy surrounding the common chemicals your children are encountering called perflouroalkyls PFAS.  Their good health may  be on the line. @PopSci


Article #4– Here is a good tip, brought to you by Dr. John Medina, to learn how to deescalate tears of frustration from turning into a full blown toddler tantrum. @zerotofivebook


Article #5– Parents often are distressed by seeing their preschooler fondle their own genitals in public. See what psychologist Dr. John Medina suggests is the best way to handle this situation. @zerotofivebook