Interesting Child Health Links 9/2/18

The Following are Dr. Smo’s links to interesting articles about children and child health for the week of 9/2/18

Article # 1: Learn about what scientists say about the effect of video games on your children’s academic achievement in this nice post from…


Article #2: Have you heard of delaying umbilical cord cutting during birth to avoid iron deficiency anemia when they get older. Explore this important subject in this post by yours truly, Doc Smo.…/

Article #3:  Do your children have heavily scheduled calendars? Pediatrician, Seattlemamadoc, explains why it’s so important for children to have unstructured free play time to balance their structured activities.

Article #4: It will be bronchiolitis season soon and some babies will start coughing and wheezing. Make sure you know how to recognize this serious breathing infection in your children, especially if you have an infant under 6 months in your house. Pediatrician, Dr. Alan Greene lays out the must know information for parents.

Article #5: Here are some great tips for training babies to have restorative sleep. Suggestions are science based and offered by Dr. Dewar on her excellent blog,