Interesting Child Health Links 8/20/18

The Following are Dr. Smo’s links to interesting articles about children and child health for the week of 8/20/18

Article #1: I think this study in PC Magazine is asking the wrong question. The proper question should be, “Do kids need a smartphone at all and if so, at what age”? Average of smartphone acquisition in U.S…. 12 years of age! What do you think?

Article #2: Divorce in America is common and I think a lot of parents are going to find this article very interesting. Do you have other things you think divorced parents need to do to help their children adjust? More on children and divorce at:

Article #3: Are chores important for children? In my experience, I think so, so important that I dedicated a chapter in my first book to this subject! Take a moment and read what the NY Times thinks of having work expectations for your children when they are young.


Article #4: Exercise and physical activity are good for kids and their parents. I like these suggestions I found in this Parents magazine article about ways to stay active as a family.


Article #5: The next big thing in our war against MRSA is phototherapy? Maybe. Click the photo below for more information.