Interesting Child Health Links 6/25/18


The Following are Dr. Smo’s links to interesting articles about children and child health for the week of 6/25/18

Article #1– First chocolate was shown to reduce coughing and now, it will make you smarter and slow aging. What is not to love! Your kids will love taking their medicine! Tell them that Doc Smo recommends they eat their salad and chocolate.


Article #2– This discovery may be a game changer since we know that early diagnosis and treatment can be extremely beneficial to those #children that suffer from #autism. If this discovery holds, it looks like autism may “speak” a lot younger.


Article #3– Have you heard about the “giant hogweed” plant that can cause severe burns on your children’s skin if they touch it? It seems to be spreading across the country. Yikes! You need to learn what this plant looks like and how to teach your children to avoid it.


Article #4– Not only are Honey Smack cereal one of the highest in sugar,  but now there is a recall of the cereal because it may contain salmonella bacteria that can make your children very sick. Throw it away if it is in your pantry!


Article#5   Activated charcoal is the latest rage to detox the gut and improve health. Here are reasons you should stay away from using it for you or your children.