Interesting Child Health Links 5/7/18

The Following are Dr. Smo’s links to interesting articles about children and child health for the week of 5/7/18


Article #1: Want to know what you can do to really stimulate your children’s minds. connect emotionally, and improve their ability to think… simply have dinner together as a family and talk.

Article #2: Here is an article that gives a psychiatrist’s view of internet addiction and the corrosive effect of screens on children. A new issue for parents and one that you need to be giving a lot of thought to.

Article #3: Mother’s day is fast approaching and here are some tech gift ideas for the mom on her big day.

Article #4: Antibiotics are very much in the news today. Take a few minutes and learn how they work, their limitations, side effects,  and appropriate use.

Article #5: Looking for some good summer reading to broaden your parenting knowledge? This article makes some good suggestions of where to start.