Interesting Child Health Links 3/26/2018

The Following are Dr. Smo’s links to interesting articles about children and child health for the week of 3/26/18 

Article 1. Being physical with other children and siblings can be beneficial for the children roughhousing. Read this interesting article and maybe the next time your children want to wrestle with each other, you’ll just stand back and enjoy.

Article 2. All of us older Americans remember Mr. Rogers and his iconic show for children. His TV show seems to be just what children needed and need, even in today’s world. Find out why in this interesting article by

Article 3. I don’t know how Dr. Ketyer finds these great videos, but I am glad he does.  Watch this beautiful video that reminds us of how children grow up in traditional agrarian societies.

Cool Video Of The Week

Article 4. If your children are like a lot of children, they won’t eat vegetables. Maybe if you make them taste great… they will. Find out how parents in Morocco get their children to consume veggies with a great, tasty, easy recipe that you could replicate at your house.

The simple trick to making veggies deliciously flavorful

Article 5. There was a time when Dr. Benjamin Spock provided the parenting advise that most American families followed. Dissent and doubt were rare during his era. Learn more about his parenting philosophies by reading this interesting article about the most famous pediatrician of his time.