Interesting Child Health Links 2/5/2018

The Following are Dr. Smo’s links to interesting articles about children. 

The dieticians and nutrition experts at Cincinnati Children’s hospital have some nice suggestions for healthy breakfasts to serve your children. See what they are suggesting and try incorporating their suggestions into your children’s morning routines.*

Pediatricians are beginning to fight back against the relentless anti-vaccination community of activists. The Pediablog and the AAP are helping push back with this recent post.*

Here is a nice article from the pediatricians at Lone Tree pediatrics giving advise to parents of very young infants. Nicely said. *

Two “Peds in a Pod” blog have posted a nice reminder of how teens can lose precious hearing during their childhoods. This type of hearing loss is preventable! Take a few minutes and read how your teens can avoid losing their hearing.*


The pediatricians at Utah Valley Pediatrics posted some nice tips to reduce defiance in your children. Their article promises 7 tips to reduce oppositional behavior in children but they gave us 9! Hopefully you won’t need any of them but if you do… click the link and see what they suggest.*



The damaging effects of pesticides on children are starting to become more obvious to researchers. Click the link and learn more and by all means, wash or peel the skins of most fruits before serving them to your little ones. Even better, if you can afford it, go organic.*

Anything we can do to reduce a child’s chances of growing up to have an alcohol dependency problem we should do. See how giving your children alcohol during their childhoods increases their chance of drinking problems when they are grown.*

The death of a one’s child is a devastating event for any parent. Read what this grieving British mother learned from her son’s death. An amazing story you don’t want to miss. Tragic but inspiring.

Good vision is one of the most precious things your children possess.  Don’t let an injury destroy the joy of seeing the world. Click the link and find out how to protect your children from a life of vision impairment.*

Parents can be really funny about family life, their children, and parenting experiences. See what parents have been tweeting about recently.*

The AAP have put out some new guidelines for pediatric waiting rooms.  See what they are recommending and see if your pediatrician is keeping up to their standards.*