Interesting Child Health Links 1/21/18

The Following are Dr. Smo’s weekly links to interesting articles about children. 

Safe sleep report card for U.S babies.  The Center for Disease Control is giving U.S. parents poor grades.

Read about how fathers in Finland spend more time with their children than do their mothers!

Should tackle football be banned as a sport for young children? Is it too violent and dangerous? Read what one former pro player thinks.

The controversy continues about when to start solid foods in infancy. Read the latest in Parent’s magazine.

An opinion piece about the media and influenza. Flu hysteria  hype or is influenza a big threat to your children’s health?

Have you heard about the laundry pod challenge that is now popular among teens in the U.S.? Talk to your teens about this and all risk taking behavior that is so common among teenagers.

Cognitive behavioral therapy is cost effective and safe. Why aren’t we using it more for depressed and anxious teens?

Nice article from Pediablog describing some child hazards around your home you might not have thought of.

The Doc Smitty responds to Serena William’s public tweets about her fussy baby.

Some nice suggestions of how to get your children off the couch and out being physically active from pharmacists in Florida. 

How to Get Your Kids off the Couch and Physically Active