Interesting Child Health Articles 2/18/18

The Following are Dr. Smo’s links to interesting articles about children and child health for the week of 2/18/19 


I love articles that contain practical information and that reinforce current thinking. This article discusses why some children develop allergies and others don’t and offers an explanation other than “allergies are inherited”. We can’t control the genes that we give our children but we can alter the environment that they grow up in and thereby minimize their chance of developing allergies and asthma. This article is a must read.  


Mumps outbreaks have been happening for many years despite adequate immunization with mumps vaccine (MMR). The CDC now recommends that children get a “Third” MMR during outbreaks of mumps.

Flu can be a severe infection, especially among children, elderly, and those with neuromuscular and other chronic conditions. Let’s hope we get better tools to combat influenza in the future. Severe cases are discussed in both these articles.


Strange, fewer general hospitals seem to be offering routine pediatric care for sick children.  Instead, they are choosing to refer these children to regional larger medical centers. The authors offer no explanation for this phenomena but I have my suspicions.  Hint-rhymes with honey and isn’t funny. (Could money have anything to do with this?)


Here is a little piece in the news about the importance of a good diet to young children’s brain development. If you want to really delve into the subject, I recommend that you read Brain Rules for Babies, by John Medina. My review of Dr. Medina’s book is also linked below.

Some kids will go to great lengths to experiment with drugs. Here is a new drug that I had never heard of that has narcotic effects and can be obtained without a prescription. Just what we needed in the midst of the opioid epidemic! A must read article for those with teenagers in the house.  

If you have a child who suffers from headaches, take a few minutes to read this very interesting article about foods and other techniques that can alleviate and help avoid headaches.  

This article reinforces the message that healthy gut bacteria may be one of the keys to having healthy children. Cultured dairy seems to be a good source of probiotic bacteria.  

Mental health services for children are a big topic of discussion in England currently. Even Kate Middleton is weighing in on the debate. Read what she has to say in this interesting article. Mental health issues and children

I love this article by a fellow pediatrician. I totally agree that a lot of forces have come down to create the obesity epidemic in the U.S. We need to start to reverse these processes and start immediately!


The influenza virus depends on us to move it around. Read this article from that tells you how to stop it in its tracks.