Insulin Resistance Tour with Dr. M


Have you ever wondered why we are struggling as a society to maintain health? This podcast is the place where you can start to understand the root cause or the headwaters of the disease river. Insulin resistance, in my mind is the root of the problem. The Answer to the dilemma is within these audio minutes for you to listen to at your leisure and at your pace to understand this complex topic distilled down into palatable bites.



Dr. M


  1. Doc Smo says:

    Doc Smo says:

    Dr. M.. Great discussion about insulin resistance! Thank you. I have a question however. You gave an elegant explanation of how hyperinsulinemia leads to a fatty liver, liver dysfunction, and hyperlipidemia. Why is hypertension part of the metabolic syndrome as well? Is this related to sugar/fat metabolism as well? Thanks. Keep up the good work.

    • Dr. M says:

      Here is a good article that goes into the question. It is multifactorial. Inflammation plays a large role after dietary influences drive the train.


      Dr. M

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