Ear Wax to the Max, “oh my” (Pedcast)

Many children, and adults for that matter, create so much hard earwax that their ear canals become completely closed causing difficulty with hearing. Often their hearing becomes so impaired that they need to visit the pediatrician or otolaryngologist. In this podcast, Dr Smolen gives parents of such children an easy, home based solution for this recurring problem. Add this podcast to Doc Smo’s Practical Pediatrics 101.



-Welcome, welcome to another edition of the DocSmo.com.  I am your host Dr Paul Smolen…a general pediatrician in Charlotte NC with 30 years of clinical experience under my belt.

-Practical, portable, and precise is our goal in making these pediatric pod casts…helping parents raise their children with information that can be helpful from the crib to the country club.

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-Today we are going to continue my practical pediatric theme with some advice for those children who make excessive ear wax.

-For most children, ear wax is healthy and necessary to keeping their ear canals clean and uninfected

-But some children, and adults for that matter, chronically make too much wax and actually impair their hearing with all that wax.

-I thought we would take a few minutes today to discuss an easy way to remove excessive wax for those children who have this problem.

-Before we get started with my suggestion, let me remind my listeners that the eardrum is a very delicate structure and we don’t want to in anyway take a chance of damaging it.

-The advice I am going to give for ear wax removal is not for everyone…it is not for anyone who has ever had ear surgery, it is not for anyone with ear pain, it is not for anyone who has a hole in their eardrum currently or in the past.

-So now we are talking about a healthy child, old enough to tell you that they can’t hear well, who has a history of large wax impactions in their ears, who has no pain in their ear, who has never had ear surgery, and you are sure has no perforation in their eardrum.

-When this child’s hearing is impaired they probably have a large wax ball in their ear which is blocking sound from reaching their eardrum.

-To remove this hard wax impaction and restore their hearing to normal, first, we need to soften the wax.

– I recommend a stool softener called Colace for this purpose…yes a stool softener.

-It’s generic name is docusate sodium.

-When a few drops are put in the ear canal and given a few minutes to work, the hard earwax begins to soften and can be flushed out with ease with as syringe of water.  Vwa La as they say in France.  Mission accomplished.

-Colace comes most often as a gel cap which can be punctured and dripped into the ear or is also available less often as a liquid, both of which are very cheap.

-My kind of treatment, cheap and effective.

-A few drops of rubbing alcohol after the flush will make sure the ear canal is dried out from the water flush.

-It’s that simple.  This technique may not solve the healthcare financing crisis but may save someone a lot of visits to their pediatrician or ENT specialist to have their hearing restored.

-My experience is that children who make excessive wax do this their entire life.

-A cleaning once a month usually all that is required to keep their hearing humming.

-Remember, this flushing stuff is only for children who periodically can’t hear because of excessive ear wax, who have never had ear surgery or a hole in their eardrum, and who have no pain in their ears,

-Thank you for joining me today.

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-This is Dr Paul Smolen, broadcasting from famous studio 1E, that’s the first child’s bedroom on the east side of the house, hoping you learned some new facts about your child’s ear wax.


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