“Conscious Parenting”, by Robert Saul (Book Review Pedcast)

Accomplished pediatrician, Dr. Robert Saul, of Greenville South Carolina has written a very interesting and useful book that parents will definitely benefit from reading. Let’s take a closer look at his book in this book review pedcast.

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Conscious Parenting: Using the Parental Awareness Threshold
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Defining the Role of a Parent.
Dr. Saul believes that the foundation of good parenting is a parent’s ability to lead. He defines a parent leader as parent who can provide a good example for their children, makes rational parenting decisions, maintains emotional engagement with their children,  commits to the well being of their children, and above all, provides their children unconditional love.  Anyone who has been a parent very long knows how difficult consistently providing this kind of leadership can be, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, year end and year out. Let’s face it, all parents have their lapses and moments of fatigue. In fact, I am sure that Dr. Saul would agree with this Doc Smo Pearl; “Raising children is a marathon not a sprint.”

Conscious Parenting Skills Can Help
And that is the point of the book; the recognition that every parent is fragile at times and incapable, at times, of fulfilling all their parental duties; of being the leader they need to be for their children.  Every parent recognizes those times when they are not making the best parenting decisions; when they are tired and overworked, when they don’t feel well, when they would like to be free of their parenting responsibilities, when they over react to things their children do, and when they just don’t have the patience or energy to be a good parent. During those times, parents aren’t being leaders for their children. It is in those moments that Dr. Saul’s PAT strategy can really help. Wondering what PAT strategy is… read Conscious Parenting  and find out. I’ll just leave it at there.

Doc Smo’s Take on Conscious Parenting

So here are my thoughts after reading Conscious Parenting; I’m left with the feeling that Dr. Saul’s philosophy of parenting, his definition of a good parent, flies in the face of American contemporary hyper-competitive, get ahead at any cost culture. But Dr. Saul is not trying to win a popularity contest, he is trying to improve the lives of children and families. Swimming against the current is a good thing when your ultimate goal is for parents to raise children who have high character and become good citizens. Lofty goals in an era where many parents are just trying to survive and at a time when the state of our communication with our fellow citizens are at a historic low. I’ve got to tell you, I love the way Dr. Saul redefines a successful child from one who achieves to one who is ethical, one who possesses strong moral standing, and one who ultimately becomes a good citizen. Dr. Saul’s parenting advice is unique, practical, thought provoking, and important for today’s parents. I give Conscious Parenting 4/5 Doc Smo stars for his work.