Breastfeeding News w/ Anne Gessner PNP (Pedcast)


You’re in for a treat today.  I have lactation expert and superb pediatric nurse practitioner, Anne Gessner PNP, returning to talk about what is new in the world of breast-feeding babies. Welcome Anne. Thank you for returning to Portable Practical Pediatrics. … chatter…  I am so happy you are back to enlighten me, and my listeners, on what is new with regards to breastfeeding. So, let’s get right into the first question.

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Question 1. Under Obama care, Insurance companies are now required to supply a breast pump to all new mothers. Are there limits to the cost or other limitations? How about when moms have a second baby, do they get another pump? Are people taking advantage of this new law in your experience?

Question 2. I have heard that the World Health Organization now says ok to use another mom’s breast milk. Is this true and are there precautions that families need to take when deciding to do this?

Question 3. How about buying breast milk on the internet–is this a good idea?

Question 4. Has anything changed with storage recommendations for breast milk?  Is the rule of 5’s still relevant in 2016?

Question 5. Finally Anne, is there any new information about the safety of antidepressants that many moms need to take during pregnancy during the time of their breastfeeding?

Thank you Anne, for answering my questions about breast milk and breastfeeding. I always learn so much from talking to you. For more information on the topics that Ms. Gessner covered today, check out the links in my Smo Notes that are in my post at This is your host, Dr. Paul Smolen, hoping that your baby doesn’t dare miss, the joys of breastfeeding bliss.  Until next time.

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Smo Notes:

Q1. Rules under Obamacare for families to get a breast pump-HHS

Q3. Dangers of buying breastmilk on the internet.

Q5. Maternal supplementation with high doses of Vitamin D to prevent rickets in newborns

Q7.Safety of antidepressants during nursing

Q7.Maternal depression and anxiety more detrimental to baby than SSRI’s