The DocSmo Team Says “Thanks” for a Great 2018

2018 marked the completion of the DocSmo team’s eight year of podcasting/blogging. In 2010, my family and I decided to try working together to provide a forum for parents to get high quality information about their children’s health and well-being, presented in a easily accessible and entertaining way. Pedcasts and Portable Practical Pediatrics were born. The DocSmo team thought you might like to see what has happened from those early efforts by sharing our 2018 viewer statistics with you.


Number of total visits to in 2018=399,794

Average time spent/ visitor in 2018= 4.7 minutes

Average number of visits/visitor in 2018= 3.49 times

Number of pages opened on in 2018=2,776,884 (up 47% compared to 2017)

Total number of downloads since 2010=120,996


The team wants to say thank you for your support in 2018.  We are already hard at work on new posts for 2019 and anticipate another great year. Please help us grow by sharing episodes with family and friends, liking our Facebook, ApplePodcasts, or Google Podcasts pages, and of course, sending in your comments and insights for other parents to consider. As always, our goal is to make you one of the best informed parents in the room!