Interesting Child Health Links 3/3/2018

The Following are Dr. Smo’s links to interesting articles about children and child health for the week of 3/3/18 

  1. Find out why so many toddlers go through a “No” phase and why it is so important for their psychological development to do so in the link below.


2. I am well aware that there are a lot of advocates of parents co-sleeping with their infants but I am still a fan of following the “Safe Sleep” guidelines. Read this article and decide for yourself.

3. Not heard about the new trend among teens, “Juuling”?  I hadn’t either until I read this article. Learn by simply clicking the link below.

4. Sleep is vital to good health and sharp cognitive functioning. Find out how Fitbits © are teaching us these lessons.


5. This is early information, but it seems like someone has come up with a blood test to detect autism. This is a big step forward toward early recognition and treatment. Click the link below to learn more.