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Money Saving Tips for New Parents (Pedcast)




Doc Smo here, talking Portable Practical Pediatrics. From the bassinet to the boardroom, if it involves children, we talk about it here. I meet with brand new parents and their new babies on a daily basis. Of course during these visits, we talk about the important topics of safe sleep, flu and pertussis immunizations for family members, the importance of natural light for babies, and the importance of having newborn babies avoid unnecessary exposure to places and situations where they might pick up an infectious disease.  I also make a point to also get around to some tips that have the potential of saving them literally thousands of dollars during their baby’s early infancy. I thought my blog audience would enjoy hearing these tips and taking advantage of the same cost savings that my patients families do. Parents of newborns have the daunting task of not only raising their little Johnny or Janie, but also funding their entire childhood. Money is always tight and every dollar saved can be put to use for other family needs. What is the old expression, “A penny saved is a penny earned”? Nothing could be truer so here we go with Doc Smo’s money saving suggestions for parents with new babies. You don’t want to miss this pedcast. Continue reading