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Medicinal Use for Apple Juice? (Pedcast)



Wow, what a difference a few years can make.  You may be aware that nutritionists, diabetologists, endocrinologists, toxicologists and every type of ologist you can think of have been waging war on apple juice, for decades. Back in the 80’s there was concern from the ologists that apple juice caused malnutrition in toddlers, in the 90’s it was concern about the chemical Alar that was used to enhance the growth of apples, and today, according to some, apple juice and other sweetened beverages are at the heart of the obesity epidemic. All this attention and bad news about apple juice! Knowing all this background, it was with great interest that I read a recent article in a well respected pediatric journal touting how apple juice, diluted with water, can be a great mixture to orally rehydrate a dehydrated children who is having vomiting and diarrhea. So today, I thought I would tell you about this new research and talk a little about dehydration in children. Continue reading

Babies, Water, and Salt- A Briny Mix (Pedcast)

Water is essential to life, and you can’t drink enough of it, right? Wrong. In this Pedcast, Doc Smo explains why it can be dangerous, and even life threatening, for infants under 6 months of age to consume too much water. Small people have small kidneys, and when they are overloaded with water, it can cause water intoxication.  Doc Smo provides practical advice about how to prevent water intoxication in your baby.




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