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Why Does My Child Wet the Bed (Pedcast)


Topic Introduction

You want to see a parent get excited, well, just bring up the topic of bedwetting with a mom of an eight year old bed wetter and stand back. Bedwetting creates a lot of stress in both the parents of the bed wetter and the bedwetting child themselves. When families first bring up this issue with their pediatricians, most parents fear that there is something wrong with their child. In most cases, this is simply not true. Parents also think that their child’s bedwetting emanates from something being wrong with their child’s urinary bladder. This is also not true in most cases so I thought that it would be useful, especially if you have a bed wetter in your house, to put some of these misconceptions to bed so to speak (pun intended) and getting a better understanding of the cause, natural history, and treatment options that are useful. If you have been wondering, why does my child wet the bed, you’ve come to the right place to get the answer. Stay tuned and I will answer that question for you. Continue reading