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Why Can’t Johnny Poop? (Pedcast)



Today were going to take a little detour from traditional pediatrics and discuss a unique view of a common pediatric condition, constipation. I’m going to introduce you to a thought I had many years ago about why children so frequently have trouble with the basic bodily function of defecation. You may be surprised to find out that constipation is an amazingly common symptom in children and one that pediatricians encounter frequently. I often am amazed at the myriad of ways a constipated child can present to their pediatrician: recurrent abdominal pain, excess gas and flatulence, bloating, heartburn, morning vomiting, hemorrhoids, rectal bleeding, toilet clogging large stools, and stool leakage, just to mention a few. But why so much constipation?  I hope to answer that question for you in today’s pedcast. I also want to share with you my personal theory of why abdominal complaints are so common in children, an explanation that involves evolutionary theory of all things.  I hope I have you curious with that comment so stay tune for this very interesting addition of Portable Practical Pediatrics. Continue reading