Marijuana and Children w/ Dr. Andy Farah (Pedcast)



w/ Dr. Andy Farah




Welcome to the next edition of Portable Practical Pediatrics. I am your host, Dr. Paul Smolen, a practicing board certified general pediatrician in Charlotte, NC. I am thrilled to have a returning guest and expert psychiatrist, Dr. Andy Farah. Dr. Farah is on the faculty at High point University, Chief of Psychiatry at High Point Division of UNC Healthcare, Distinguished Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association and an expert in many things, one of which is the effects of marijuana on children. Information about this subject is literally exploding so Dr. Farah is here to bring us the latest. Welcome Dr. Farah!   Continue reading

The Boy’s Body Book, by Dunham + Bjorkman (Book Review Pedcast)

The Boy’s Body Book, Everything You Need to Know about Growing Up YOU

Authors-  Kelli S. Dunham and Steven Bjorkman

publisher-Applesauce Press

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The other day a mom with a 12-year-old son asked me during a checkup, “Is there a good book for young boys to learn about puberty and adolescence?” Well, I knew there were lots of these books since I have seen them in bookstores while browsing, but I had to admit, I have never read any of them and didn’t know which one to steer her toward. Well, not anymore. With a little help from Amazon and Barnes and Nobles, I discovered a wonderful book that I am going to review for you today called, The Boy’s Body Book, by Kelli Dunham and Steven Bjorkman. So, welcome to this very special book review edition of Portable Practical Pediatrics.  I am your host, Dr. Paul Smolen, a board certified pediatrician with a lot of experience and a lot to say. I created Portable Practical Pediatrics to bring parents relevant information that can help you with your parenting in a format that is easy, convenient, and fun to use– the podcast format. So, let’s get into today’s book review, shall we? Continue reading

Self Control + Focus=Success (Pedcast)


I think you can guess at the topic for today’s pedcast– the title tells it all. We are going to break down this formula that I believe is at the core of why some children succeed and others do not. So crank up the mp3 player and listen to a discussion of a conversation that I think you will find relevant for your family.

Ever wonder if childhood is different today than it was when you were growing up? I think most people would answer that question with a big yes.  It just feels like the “kid ” experience of growing up is different than it was when we were young.  And no wonder, here are a few changes that have occurred to family life just during our lives. Continue reading

Zika Fever Has Arrived (Pedcast)



Let me tell you, Zika fever has definitely arrived in Charlotte as I suspect it has in most of the US, No, not the disease, but a fever pitch of concern among couples of reproductive age. Mosquito born and potentially devastating for unborn babies, Zika could be a serious threat to our unborn.  There is an uneasiness that you can feel among the 20 and 30 somethings. Like a first trimester pregnant young mom who recently asked me about what precautions she should be taking with regards to mosquitos, or the worried parents who are asking about whether they should go on international travel trips and risk a Zika infection, or a family with a child who has severe neurologic problems who asked me was she responsible for her child’s problems by taking a vacation to the Caribbean when she was 18 weeks pregnant.  In other words, there is fever pitch of concern about Zika, so in today’s podcast, I thought it is time for you to learn what we know to date about this emerging disease. Continue reading

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