Can Clothes Transmit Germs? (Pedcast)



I was talking to a patient the other day about how their child, who was eight months old, had gotten a febrile illness.  Usually, with most kids illnesses, the history I get includes a child who had gone somewhere where there were other children such as a party or group care, about  two days prior to the onset of their fever.  But this child didn’t go out of the house, had no siblings, no one at home had been ill, even mildly and yet he got sick. So mom and I were talking about how this can happen? Continue reading

Safe Sleep Advice (Pedcast)




As a pediatrician who spends most of his or her time giving advice to parents with young children, I often wonder how much of what I tell parents really has an effect on their behavior?  I try so hard to be up to date on the information and advice that I offer and yet, does it really matter? Does it really change their thinking and behavior? Pediatricians see, all the time, when parents don’t listen to what we advice, be it injuries from a backyard trampoline, use of cold and cough meds in young children, or feeding their children a diet high in highly processed foods.


Given all that, it was with great interest that I recently came across a study that looked at whether parents listen to the advice that we give them about “Safe Sleep” practices for very young infants. Continue reading

Pediatrics in China…Our Future? (Pedcast)



I was reading my journals the other day and I came across an article that caught my attention, mostly because it is a very different type of article than the usual I find in pediatric journals.  I really have no idea why this article was in a pediatric journal, but it was and it immediately caught my attention.  Especially, in light of a recent murder of Boston doctor that was allegedly killed by the son of a patient. If you didn’t hear about this, here is a link.

Continue reading

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